Thank you for submitting your review!

Here’s a quick overview of how the reader submitted review system works:

Q: How does my shoe review help solereview?

A: Beginning October 2016, solereview will transition to a crowd-sourced review format. Instead of a single person perspective, the new reviews will completely rely on different data points provided by the community of solereview readers.

This new approach will allow us to present our findings (review) based on a diverse set of experiences and preferences, which was not possible in the current format.

Q: Why isn’t my review made public?

A: Till the time the comments section was active, our reviews were the most commented reviews on the internet. For example, this is a single review with close to 800 comments! As awesome as it sounds, it was hard for anyone to quickly find the information relevant to his or her use case.

It is far more productive to consolidate all reader feedback (for a specific shoe model) in the form of a single, constantly evolving review. This method will increase review relevance for a larger audience. Any insight available in your review will be captured and included in our review(s).

Q: How do you determine the authenticity of a user review?

A: This is where solereview’s industry expertise and review experience comes in  – we’re pretty good at filtering relevant data. All user submissions will be manually curated/reviewed and this will weed out fake or thin user reviews.

Q: Why are so many fields on the form ‘required’?

A:  Your insights help paint a complete picture for a shoe. For instance, we see a co-relation between bodyweight/pace and cushioning/stability behavior, type of surface/temperature and outsole grip, and the effect of buying different sizes and widths on upper fit.

These multiple data-points helps us zero in on different functional aspects of the shoe, and more importantly, the areas it excels and lags behind in.

The form structure also ensures a high quality of user reviews, filtering thin feedback or spam in the process.

Q: I love the current solereview way of writing reviews. What’s going to change?

A: Ok, let’s first address what’s NOT going to change. Solereview will retain useful sections such as the ‘Sensory profile’ and ‘Match report’ infographic(s), along with the summary section right at the top.

All reviews will still be written by solereview to maintain a consistent tone of voice. The only difference is that multiple reader insights will power the review content, as opposed to the current method of relying on a single wear-tester viewpoint.

What’s going to change is that the reviews will no longer have 25-50 close-up studio shots. Instead, the content will be supplemented with useful infographics.

We’ll spend some more time explaining the change later this month!