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We spend thousands of dollars buying the shoes and products for our reviews. We don’t accept free shoes or publish sponsored posts.

Since March 2008, Solereview has been the only shoe review website to put its money where its mouth is.

Every month, we buy (at full price) and review multiple pairs of shoes based on personal wear-testing and/or crowdsourced reader feedback. The reviews are accompanied by in-house product photography or custom infographics that covers each shoe in never before seen detail.

As a result, Solereview is home to probably the most in-depth shoe reviews and guides you will ever read.

So if you looking for detailed shoe reviews to guide your purchase decision, we’re here to help.

You’ll immediately notice that we’re unbiased when it comes to reviews. Great shoes will receive praise, while footwear mediocrity and misleading advertising will get what they deserve. Drawing from footwear industry experience, our rating system is a complex web of different attributes, weighted averages, and variable scores – all of which result in a detailed summary that tells you how good or bad a shoe is.

We also write about non-footwear products from time to time.

And what’s behind solereview.com? An irrational level of passion for performance footwear, and nearly two decades of work experience in the sportswear industry. The website is founded by Rahul Cee, a footwear industry veteran with cross-functional experience.

We’re based out of beautiful Toronto, Canada.

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Please write to [email protected] for site feedback or permission to use our content with attribution.  While we’ll do our best to respond, Solereview may not be able to answer all personal footwear-related questions due to the extremely high volume of emails received.

Due to editorial integrity guidelines, we DO NOT accept guest posts, sponsored content, 3rd party content, or paid links. Solereview does not accept free samples or merchandise for review.

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