Release date calendar for running shoes – 2023

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The beveled heel of the Asics Superblast.

The 2023 Asics Superblast is a fun take on the Novablast.

The release calendar table was last updated on May 30th, 2023. Scroll down to the bottom of this page for the full list.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see a calendar that lists the release dates of upcoming running shoe models for a given year? Say, not just for the calendar year, but for a rolling 18-month period?

There are so many models spread across nearly a dozen shoe brands, so it can get confusing to keep track of launch months – even for us shoe-reviewing folks.

Except that such a calendar doesn’t exist. At least, not for running shoes. This page is a baby step towards changing that; this article will help our readers keep track of what’s next, and budget accordingly.

So why would anyone need a shoe release calendar? Sure, it’s good to know when the new models are arriving, but does the information result in tangible benefits, if at all?

Knowing the release date in advance makes the best use of your running shoe money. Here’s why this data helps make an informed purchase decision:

The previous model will go on markdown sales and can be bought for less money

Let’s say a popular shoe model gets its annual refresh every January. To clear inventory, brands and retailers will put on the previous model on clearance sale when the release of the updated model becomes imminent.

The midsole sidewalls of the Saucony Triumph 20.

The Saucony Triumph 20 is a marked improvement over the 19. However, the Saucony Triumph 21 update in 2023 won’t be as dramatic.

Knowing the release date of the upcoming model could mean the difference between paying full price and saving money on discount sales. Most of the time, the old and new models overlap each other in the market, and that’s when the best deals are had.

The upcoming model could be an improved version that’s worth waiting for

Running shoes are seldom perfect, so many runners skip buying the current version and prefer to wait for the updated model. The Hoka Bondi 8 is a good example. Its generously cushioned ride is marred by the stiff midsole edges.

Hoka Bondi 8 outdoors

The Bondi 8 is a deeply-cushioned shoe like the V7, but its stiff midsole edges cramps its versatility.

Thus, it makes sense to wait for an updated version of the Hoka Bondi that remedies the said issue.

The new model could be just an ‘upper-only’ update with no changes

Many brands re-use the midsole and outsole for several years, with two years being a common practice. For example, the adidas Ultraboost 21 and 22 are based on the same sole, and so are the Nike Pegasus 37 and 38.

If the ‘new’ model is just going to re-use the same midsole, then why spend more money on the new shoe – unless there is something wrong with the existing product?

After reviewing running shoes for over a decade, we have a fair idea of the design refresh cycle. For example, Nike, adidas, and Saucony tend to recycle their midsole designs for two years.

In other words, a running shoe that is released in 2023 will use the same sole for 2024. On the other hand, Asics and Brooks are now doing annual top-to-bottom refreshes for their main models.

Solereview doesn’t have a personal relationship with brands or retailers, so the information here is not official but our best guess. This is our first attempt, so the calendar will grow longer and more accurate with time.

Based on what we know, here are the highlight releases of the next 12 months. Just keep in mind that it takes at least a month for a shoe (after the release date) to be widely distributed across different retail channels.

Also, this calendar also does not list brand-new intros for 2023 with no prior history.

January to March 2023:

The heel view of the Nike ZoomX Invincible Run 3.

The Nike ZoomX Invincible Run 3 arrived earlier than expected.

This is the first quarter of the year, so it’s fitting that most shoes released in this month begin with the A – the first letter of the alphabet. For example, the Asics Nimbus 25, Altra Lone Peak 7, and the Asics GT 2000 11 will make their way to the market.

This year, the Nike Invincible Run 3 arrived earlier (Feb 2023) than expected.

April to June 2023:

These three months are packed with new running shoe releases. Popular neutral trainers like the Nike React Infinity 4, Asics Cumulus 25, New Balance 1080V13 and the Pegasus 40 will launch during this period.

July to September 2023:

There are important product launches between Summer and early Fall. The much-awaited updates to the Saucony Endorphin Pro and Speed will take place during this period.

Other noteworthy products like the Hoka Bondi 9, Saucony Triumph 21, and New Balance Fuelcell Rebel 4 will also show up around this time.

October to December 2023:

Things get quieter in the last quarter. This is when most winterized packs show up – cue the Asics AWL, adidas Cold.RDY, Nike Shield, and Saucony Vizipro/Runshield models. The remainder of popular franchise models like the Nike Vomero and Brooks Ghost 16 will also get a quiet release.

The asterisk on the change summary denotes that it is our best guess and final product is not confirmed yet.

Shoe nameEstimated release datePrevious modelChange summary*
Asics SuperblastDec 2022 (Released)None - brand new intro.Not applicable
Hoka Challenger 7Dec 2022 (Released)Hoka Challenger ATR 6New upper and sole
adidas adizero SLDec 2022 (Released)None - brand new intro.Not applicable
Asics Evoride 3Dec 2022 (Released)Asics Evoride 2New upper only
Asics GT 2000 11Jan 2023 (Released)Asics GT-2000 10New upper and sole
adidas Takumi Sen 9Jan 2023 (Released)adidas Takumi Sen 8New upper only
Altra Lone Peak 7Jan 2023 (Released)Altra Lone Peak 6New upper and sole
Altra Lone Peak AW Low V2Jan 2023 (Released)Altra Lone Peak AW Low New upper and sole
Brooks Hyperion MaxJan 2023 (Released)None - brand new intro.Not applicable
adidas SolarGlide 6Jan 2023 (Released)adidas Solarglide 5New upper only
adidas adizero RC 5Jan 2023 (Released)adidas adizero RC 4New upper only
Brooks Catamount 2Jan 2023 (Released)Brooks CatamountNew upper and sole
Nike ZoomX Invincible Run 3 FlyknitFeb 2023 (Released)Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Flyknit 2New upper and sole
Asics Nimbus 25Feb 2023 (Released)Asics Gel-Nimbus 24New upper and sole
Saucony Peregrine 13Feb 2023 (Released)Saucony Peregrine 12New upper only
New Balance 880 V13Feb 2023 (Released)New Balance 880 V12New upper only
Hoka Clifton 9Feb 2023 (Released)Hoka Clifton 8New upper and sole
Saucony Guide 16Feb 2023 (Released)Saucony Guide 15New upper only
Asics Trabuco 11Feb 2023 (Released)Asics Trabuco 10New upper and sole
Altra Riviera 3Feb 2023 (Released)Altra Riviera 2New upper and sole
Saucony Endorphin EliteFeb 2023 (Released)None - brand new intro.Not applicable
Mizuno Wave Rebellion ProFeb 2023 (Released)None - brand new intro.Not applicable
Saucony Kinvara 14Mar 2023 (Released)Saucony Kinvara 13New upper and sole
Hoka Rocket X2Mar 2023 (Released)Hoka Rocket XNew upper and sole
Nike Wildhorse 8Mar 2023 (Released)Nike Wildhorse 7New upper and sole
New Balance Propel V4Mar 2023 (Released)New Balance Propel V3New upper and sole
New Balance Fresh Foam More V3Mar 2023 (Released)New Balance Fresh Foam More V2New upper and sole
New Balance Summit V4Mar 2023 (Released)New Balance Summit V3New upper and sole
Adidas Ultraboost LightMar 2023 (Released)adidas Ultraboost 22New upper and sole
Skechers GoRun Speed BeastMar 2023 (Released)None - brand new intro.Not applicable
Nike Vaporfly 3Apr 2023 (Released)Nike Vaporfly Next% 2New upper and sole
Asics Cumulus 25Apr 2023 (Released)Asics Gel-Cumulus 24New upper and sole
adidas Solarboost 5Apr 2023 (Released)adidas Solarboost 4New upper and sole
Nike Pegasus 40Apr 2023 (Released)Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 39New upper only
Nike Terra Kiger 9Apr 2023 (Released)Nike Terra Kiger 8New upper and sole
Saucony Ride 16Apr 2023 (Released)Saucony Ride 15New upper only
Nike Winflo 10Apr 2023 (Released)Nike Winflo 9New upper only
Mizuno Wave Inspire 19Apr 2023 (Released)Mizuno Wave Inspire 18New upper and sole
Skechers GoRun Maxroad 6May 2023 (Released)Skechers GoRun Maxroad 5New upper and sole
Saucony SinisterMay 2023 (Released)None - brand new intro.Not applicable
Asics GT 1000 12May 2023 (Released)Asics GT 1000 11New upper and sole*
Saucony Cohesion 16May 2023 (Released)Saucony Cohesion 15New upper and sole*
Skechers GoRun Excess 3June 2023Skechers GoRun Excess 2New upper and sole*
Reebok Floatride Energy 5June 2023Reebok Floatride Energy 4New upper and sole*
Nike Structure 25June 2023Nike Structure 24New upper and sole
Nike React Infinity Run 4June 2023Nike React Infinity Run 3New upper only*
Hoka Carbon X4June 2023Hoka Carbon X3New upper and sole*
Brooks Hyperion Elite 4June 2023Brooks Hyperion Elite 3New upper and sole*
Nike Flex Experience 12June 2023Nike Flex Experience 11New upper only*
New Balance Fresh Foam X Tempo V3June 2023New Balance Fresh Foam X Tempo V2New upper only*
Altra Escalante 4June 2023Altra Escalante 3New upper only*
Nike Downshifter 13June 2023Nike Downshifter 12New upper only*
Skechers GoRun Ride 11June 2023Skechers GoRun Ride 10New upper only*
Brooks Launch GTS 10June 2023Brooks Launch GTS 9New upper and sole*
Brooks Cascadia 17June 2023Brooks Cascadia 16New upper only*
Nike React Pegasus Trail 5June 2023Nike React Pegasus Trail 4New upper only*
Saucony Kinvara ProJune 2023None - new introductionNot applicable
Brooks Launch 10June 2023Brooks Launch 9New upper and sole*
Hoka Arahi 7June 2023Hoka Arahi 6New upper only*
Altra Timp 5June 2023Altra Timp 4New upper only*
Asics Noosa Tri 15June 2023Asics Noosa Tri 14New upper and sole*
Nike Quest 6June 2023Nike Quest 5New upper only*
Nike Vomero 17June 2023Nike Vomero 16New upper and sole
Brooks Adrenaline GTS 23June 2023Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22New upper and sole*
New Balance Hierro V8June 2023New Balance Hierro V7New upper only*
Mizuno Wave Horizon 7June 2023Mizuno Wave Horizon 6New upper only*
adidas adios Pro 4June 2023adidas adios Pro 3New upper only*
Asics Glideride 4June 2023Asics Glideride 3New upper only*
Saucony Tempus V2June 2023Saucony TempusNew upper only*
Hoka Speedgoat 6June 2023Hoka Speedgoat 5New upper only*
New Balance Supercomp racer V2.June 2023New Balance Supercomp racer.New upper only*
adidas SL20.4July 2023adidas SL20.3New upper and sole*
New Balance 1080V13July 2023New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 V12New upper and sole*
Nike Alphafly Next% V3July 2023Nike Alphafly Next% V2New upper only*
Brooks Glycerin 21July 2023Brooks Glycerin 20New upper only*
Brooks Glycerin 21 GTSJuly 2023Brooks Glycerin 20 GTSNew upper only*
adidas adizero adios 8July 2023adidas adizero adios 7New upper and sole*
Brooks Caldera 7July 2023Brooks Caldera 6New upper only*
New Balance Supercomp trainer V2.July 2023New Balance Supercomp trainer.New upper only*
Nike Zoom Fly 6July 2023Nike Zoom Fly 5New upper only*
Saucony Endorphin Pro 4Aug 2023Saucony Endorphin Pro 3New upper only*
Reebok Floatride Energy X 2Aug 2023Reebok Floatride Energy XNew upper only*
Saucony Endorphin Speed 4Aug 2023Saucony Endorphin Speed 3New upper only*
Hoka Bondi 9Aug 2023Hoka Bondi 8New upper only*
Nike Pegasus Turbo Next Nature V2Aug 2023Nike Pegasus Turbo Next NatureNew upper only*
Salomon Speedcross 7Aug 2023Salomon Speedcross 6New upper and sole*
Nike ZoomX Zegama Trail V2Aug 2023Nike ZoomX Zegama TrailNew upper only*
Asics Kayano 30Aug 2023Asics Kayano 29New upper and sole*
adidas Boston 12Aug 2023adidas Boston 11New upper and sole*
Saucony Triumph 21Sep 2023Saucony Triumph 20New upper only*
Asics Kayano Lite 4Sep 2023Asics Kayano Lite 3New upper only*
New Balance Fuelcell Rebel 4Sep 2023New Balance Fuelcell Rebel 3New upper only*
Asics Novablast 4Sep 2023Asics Novablast 3New upper and sole*
New Balance Fresh Foam X More V5Sep 2023New Balance Fresh Foam More V4New upper only*
Mizuno Wave Rider 27Sep 2023Mizuno Wave Rider 26New upper only*
New Balance 860V14Sep 2023New Balance 860V13New upper only*
Nike Pegasus 40 ShieldOct 2023Nike Pegasus 39 ShieldNew upper only*
adidas Supernova 3Oct 2023adidas Supernova 2New upper only*
Saucony Endorphin Shift 4Oct 2023Saucony Endorphin Shift 3New upper only*
Brooks Ghost 16Oct 2023Brooks Ghost 15New upper and sole*
Skechers Razor Trail V3Oct 2023Skechers Razor Trail V2New upper and sole*
Asics Hyper Speed V3Oct 2023Asics Hyper Speed V2New upper and sole*
Saucony Peregrine ICE+ 4Oct 2023Saucony Peregrine ICE+ 3New upper only*
Saucony Omni 22Oct 2023Saucony Omni 21New upper only*
New Balance SC Elite V4Oct 2023New Balance SC Elite V3New upper only*
Skechers GoRun Razor 5Nov 2023Skechers GoRun Razor 4New upper only*
New Balance Summit Unknown V2.Nov 2023New Balance Summit Unknown V3.New upper only*
Asics Superblast V2Dec 2023Asics SuperblastNew upper only*
Hoka Challenger 8Dec 2023Hoka Challenger 7New upper only*
adidas adizero SL V2Dec 2023adidas adizero SLNew upper only*
Asics Evoride 4Dec 2023Asics Evoride 3New upper and sole*
Asics GT 2000 12Jan 2024Asics GT 2000 11New upper and sole*
adidas Takumi Sen 10Jan 2024adidas Takumi Sen 9New upper and sole*
Altra Lone Peak 8Jan 2024Altra Lone Peak 7New upper only*
Altra Lone Peak AW Low V3Jan 2024Altra Lone Peak AW Low V2 New upper only*
Brooks Hyperion Max V2Jan 2024Brooks Hyperion Max New upper only*
adidas SolarGlide 7Jan 2024adidas SolarGlide 6New upper only
adidas adizero RC 6Jan 2024adidas adizero RC 5New upper only
Brooks Catamount 3Jan 2024Brooks Catamount 2New upper and sole
Nike ZoomX Invincible Run 4 FlyknitFeb 2024Nike ZoomX Invincible Run 3 FlyknitNew upper only*
Asics Nimbus 26Feb 2024Asics Nimbus 25New upper only*
Saucony Peregrine 14Feb 2024Saucony Peregrine 13New upper only*
New Balance 880 V14Feb 2024New Balance 880 V13New upper and sole*
Hoka Clifton 10Feb 2024Hoka Clifton 9New upper only*
Saucony Guide 17Feb 2024Saucony Guide 16New upper and sole*
Altra Riviera 4Feb 2024Altra Riviera 3New upper only*
Asics Trabuco 12Feb 2024Asics Trabuco 11New upper only*
Saucony Endorphin Elite V2Feb 2024Saucony Endorphin EliteNew upper only*
Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro V2Feb 2024Mizuno Wave Rebellion ProNew upper only*

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